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God Head Enamel Pin - by Mear One x TIMEBANDITS

God Head Enamel Pin - by Mear One x TIMEBANDITS

$ 10.00

God Head Enamel Pin 

This Mear One x TIMEBANDITS collab is a 1.5" soft enamel pin and comes carded with featured artwork by Mear One. 

Thousands of years ago there existed a race of mythical giants called the Anunnaki. They lived in ancient Sumeria or what is known today as Iraq. These Gods brought knowledge of advanced technology & agriculture to a human race emerging from the Ice Age. The king of these Gods was named Enki and he is often depicted holding an object resembling the Pineal Gland. The center of human consciousness. He also carries an ancient bag of sorts said to hold the Secrets & Manna of Life. 

This enamel pin was designed by Mear One x TIMEBANDITS. Artwork by Mear One @mear_one, Creative Direction and Production by TIMEBANDITS @timebandits__ .