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About us

TIMEBANDITS was created in 2003 by Designer/Visual Artist - Jonathan Stephens. Jonathan loves making watches, toys, enamel pins and comic books.

Check out Jonathan's bio for more info: http://www.jonathanstephensart.com/bio/

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@jstephensdesign - https://www.instagram.com/jstephensdesign/

@jstephensdesign - https://twitter.com/jstephensdesign

Check out Jonathan's other project, Shoplinkz, http://www.shoplinkz.com - a social commerce platform where you can organize everything you want to buy, discover the hottest products on the web and shop with Bitcoin.

TIMEBANDITS WATCHES have created the perfect hybrid accessory of the future. This watch line offers a unique blend of trend and practicality, fusing retro-style watch faces with an array of colorful sweatbands. TIMEBANDITS Watches have a special quality that appeals to any type of person, regardless of age, gender, race, or class. They are affordable, sporty, & trendy, and are sure to add style to any outfit. They can be worn out at night, during the day, while playing sports, and of course, just to be the baller-pimp-diva that has to out dress everyone on the block! By colliding elements of the past with the future, they have been able to produce an innovative fashion accessory for the retro-future consumer. Everyone needs to wear a watch, but only TIMEBANDITS will redefine the way you keep time.

TIMEBANDITS is located in Los Angeles, California.