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George Orwell 1984 - by Mear One x TIMEBANDITS

George Orwell 1984 - by Mear One x TIMEBANDITS

$ 100.00

George Orwell is a 20th century prophet whose written novel 1984 foretold the totalitarian new world order conditions we are currently living under. Much of his vision has come to fruition due to the apathy & unconsciousness of the sleeping masses. 1984 is a wake up call for humanity. 

George Orwell 1984 is a 3 ¾” limited edition (non-articulated) hand cast resin figure, that comes fully carded, signed & numbered by the artist, limited to 33 units. This art toy was designed by Mear One x TIMEBANDITS. Artwork by Mear One @mear_one, Creative Direction and Production by TIMEBANDITS @timebandits__  , Sculpted by David Arshawsky @turtlemilkstudios, Paint Application by ToddAction @toddaction. With the purchase of each figure, we will throw in a complimentary George Orwell 1984 enamel pin by Mear One x TIMEBANDITS.

Each art toy is hand made locally in Los Angeles, California. This is not a toy for children to play with. It is a very delicate limited edition art piece. Please display and handle with care.