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"Bernie" 3 3/4 inch Action Figure / Limited to 40 units

"Bernie" 3 3/4 inch Action Figure / Limited to 40 units

$ 75.00

The political season has been heating up and it feels like there's no stopping this political train wreck. From accusations of greed and corruption to nonsensical statements backed by Yuuuge egos and social media fails for days there seems to be no end in sight! But the folks at TIMEBANDITS couldn't be happier! First we brought you the stubby hand man with the terrible plan, Donald Trump, as a 3 3/4" figure and now just in time to mark his "honorable" endorsement of Firewall-Fail Hillary we bring you Bernie, the Non-Action Figure! Now you too can feel the "Bern" without having to worry about getting a penicillin shot afterwards!

Bernie made his grand debut at San Diego Comic Con 2016 (July 20-24) through DKE Toys (booth #5045) in quantities as scarce as the combined common sense of our Presidential Candidates! And now for those of you who didn't have a chance to attend Comic Con, you're in luck! The remaining run is available online, ensuring to sell out faster than the man who's name it bears! So stop chasing imaginary Pokemons into dark alleys and grab one of these pieces for your collection because this is one release that's bound to "Bern" into the pages of history!

"Bernie" is a 3 ¾” limited edition (non-articulated) hand cast resin figure that comes fully carded with artwork produced by TIMEBANDITS  @timebandits__ (https://www.instagram.com/timebandits__/). Sculpted by David Arshawsky @turtlemilkstudios (https://www.instagram.com/turtlemilkstudios/) and painted by ToddAction @topo1622 (https://www.instagram.com/topo1622/). The political art on the cardback sheds light on array of subjects that have been exposed throughout this campaign cycle. Can you spot and name them all?

Each art toy is hand made locally in Los Angeles, California. This is not a toy for children to play with. It is a very delicate limited edition art piece. Please display and handle with care. 🙌👁🙌