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TIMEBANDITS Mens Watch - Seen On Flavor Flav

TIMEBANDITS Mens Watch - Seen On Flavor Flav

$ 34.95

This Timebandits Blinged out Flavor Flav watch has a DARK BLUE FACE and a quartz movement. The cool part about this watch is the Timebandits Double Bezel feature that makes the watch bezel interchangeable. This allows for a stainless steel NON-BLING look or the BLING look of a circle of 40 fully faceted, hand precision set Austrian crystals. The watch face is removable. Sweatband is machine washable. Stainless steel back case. Battery included. The watch band is a Timebandits BLACK Sweatband.

This is one of Jonathan's favorites! Step ya game up playaa! :)